Ukraine war: Protests in Russia's Dagestan region against new draft

Demonstrators clashed with security officials in a rare violent backlash against police.

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Watch: What Ukraine texted to Russian soldiers - CNN Video

CNN's Ben Wedeman reports on how Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky is trying to get Russian soldiers to surrender.

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Putin's tactical nuclear weapons could pack the same punch as atomic bombs dropped on Japan

With his forces retreating in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again threatened to turn to nuclear weapons, most likely what are often called tactical nuclear weapons.

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US warnings against Putin's nuclear threats mark a sobering moment for the world | CNN Politics

That the United States should be forced to warn Russia publicly, and in more strident terms privately, not to use nuclear weapons is a mark of how dangerous the battle for Ukraine has become -- and...

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Protests erupt in Russia's Dagestan region as minorities say they are being targeted by Putin's mobilization orders | CNN

Heated protests have broken out in some ethnic minority regions in Russia against Vladimir Putin's mobilization orders, with activist groups and Ukrainian officials saying these minorities are bein...

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Philippines on red alert as Super Typhoon Noru approaches

The Philippines has issued an extreme emergency alert as Super Typhoon Noru, known locally as Super Typhoon Karding, approaches.

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Storm Fiona: Houses washed into sea as storm batters Canada

One person is missing after storm Fiona battered the eastern coast, leaving widespread damage.

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Iran protests: Raisi to 'deal decisively' with widespread unrest

At least 35 people have died in the unrest, triggered by the death of a young woman in custody.

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Dmitry Bulgakov: Putin fires deputy defence chief amid supply failures

Analysts have cited supply chains as a reason why Russia's invasion of Ukraine has faltered.

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Ukraine war: Ukraine will treat Russian deserters civilly, Zelensky vows

Ukraine says it will not force deserters to return to Russia where they would face prison.

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Hurricane tracker: See the latest forecast for Tropical Storm Ian - CNN Video

Forecasts project that Tropical Storm Ian will strengthen and hit Florida as a hurricane.

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Photos: Fiona slams Canada's Atlantic coast

Hurricane Fiona, now referred to as a post-tropical cyclone, made landfall in Nova Scotia early Saturday, hitting the region with heavy rain, flooding and high winds.

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