Afghanistan: 'I drug my hungry children to help them sleep'

Afghans say they are also forced to sell kidneys and their daughters to get money for food.

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China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide

Cases are increasing across the country with the virus now present in 31 different provinces.

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Ukraine war: Zelensky denounces Russian 'terror' in UN address

The latest barrage of Russian missiles causes blackouts in much of Ukraine and Moldova.

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Foxconn: iPhone maker apologises after huge protests at China plant

It comes after protests broke out at the world's largest iPhone factory over pay and work conditions.

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Three women among dozen publicly flogged in Afghanistan - Taliban official

A crowd of about 5000 people watched the lashings, a punishment for "moral crimes".

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Hear what the Walmart shooter told this survivor - CNN Video

Jessie Wilczewski was an employee for only five days at Walmart in Chesapeake, VA, when a fellow employee opened fire in the store's break room. She recounts her horrifying experience to CNN's Eric...

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The nation's hope for a Thanksgiving reprieve is shattered by another tragic spate of gun violence | CNN Politics

As the nation's psyche was shattered by yet another mass shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia, the moments of terror recounted by Walmart employee Jessie Wilczewski -- who survived a Tuesday night atta...

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Coworkers say Walmart shooter had exhibited odd and threatening behavior in the past | CNN

Several coworkers of the Walmart supervisor suspected of committing the deadly rampage inside a Chesapeake, Virginia, store said the shooter had exhibited odd and threatening behavior in the past.

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An employee had a gun to her forehead, others ran for their lives: Witnesses describe the Chesapeake Walmart shooting | CNN

Though Jessie Wilczewski had only been working at the Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart for a few days, her Tuesday night shift started like all the rest, with a routine team meeting in the break room.

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Survivors and investigators are spending Thanksgiving questioning the motive behind a mass shooting in a Virginia Walmart that left 6 workers dead | CNN

After an ordinary workday turned deadly Tuesday night at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, survivors and investigators are spending the Thanksgiving holiday questioning the motive of an employee w...

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Trump taxes: Supreme Court clears Democrats to see returns

Congressional Democrats have been chasing access to Mr Trump's financial records for three years.

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Viktor Orban 'Greater Hungary' scarf angers Romania and Ukraine

Neighbours protest after Hungary's nationalist PM wore a scarf showing his country much expanded.

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