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Nord Stream leaks: Sabotage to blame, says EU

Seismologists said there were underwater blasts before the leaks emerged near a Danish island.

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Ukrainians told to be ready to fight for Russia

The BBC is given rare access to the front line near Kherson where Ukrainian troops are pushing back the Russian army.

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Hurricane Ian: Cuba suffers complete blackout after storm

The island's electrical system is experiencing a complete collapse in the wake of the deadly storm.

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Hurricane Ian: Florida fears catastrophic flooding as storm nears

Florida's vulnerable Tampa Bay area could be struck directly for the first time in a century.

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Ukraine war: Russia claims win in occupied Ukraine 'sham' referendums

Moscow-installed officials claim the so-called referendums show almost total support for joining Russia.

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Russia's gas pipeline leaking into Baltic Sea - Denmark

Denmark sets up a banned zone near the Bornholm island, where a Nord Stream 2 leak is reported.

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Shinzo Abe: A divided Japan bids farewell to its slain ex-PM

Protesters marched against a state funeral for Abe even as local and global leaders gathered to honour him.

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Children removed from Jewish sect's jungle compound in Mexico

It follows a months-long surveillance operation against the extremist Lev Tahor group in Mexico.

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Ukraine war: Final day of discredited voting in Russian-held Ukraine

The self-styled referendums in east and south Ukraine are dismissed as a sham by Kyiv and the West.

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Ukraine war: Russia admits mobilisation errors, amid growing public opposition

Reports say people with no military experience, or who are too old or disabled, are being enlisted.

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Deadly gun attack at Russian school

Pupils are among at least nine people killed and 20 wounded after a gunman opens fire at the school in Izhevsk.

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People smuggler: I get clients to sign a waiver

A people smuggler lifts the lid on his trade to BBC Panorama's Jane Corbin.

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