Wireless charging firm Aira raises $12M – TechCrunch

Founded in 2017, Arizona-based Aira didn’t waste any time proving out its technology. We’ve written about the company’s wireless charging a few times over the years, including the “FreePower” techn...

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Samsung’s latest Galaxy Fold adds stylus support, waterproofing and an under-display camera – TechCrunch

Behold, Samsung’s latest flagship. With the Galaxy Note out of the way — for this year, at least — the company used today’s Unpacked event to breathe added legitimacy into its foldable line. The or...

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What to expect from Samsung’s next Unpacked – TechCrunch

Foldables! Two, probably! Those are your headliners. Samsung tipped its hand with the event invite, which features a pair of geometrical objects that pretty clearly represent the new Galaxy Z Fold ...

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Swarm debuts $499 Evaluation Kit for consumers and tinkerers – TechCrunch

The kit is an all-in-one product that includes a Swarm Tile, the company’s flagship modem device, a VHF antenna, a small solar panel, a tripod, a Feather S2 development board and an OLED.

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$100M donation powers decade-long moonshot to create solar satellites that beam power to Earth – TechCrunch

It sounds like a plan concocted by a supervillain, if that villain’s dastardly end was to provide cheap, clean power all over the world: launch a set of three-kilometer-wide solar arrays that beam ...

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