Deadly landslide tears through Italian island of Ischia

A torrent of mud and debris dislodged trees, engulfed buildings and dragged cars into the sea.

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China Covid: Protests widen against strict lockdown measures

Demonstrators in the financial hub of Shanghai publicly vent anger at Communist Party leaders.

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Imran Khan: Former Pakistani PM attends first rally since shooting

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan greets supporters in Rawalpindi weeks after he was shot at a similar event.

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Apple has a huge problem with an iPhone factory in China | CNN Business

A violent workers' revolt at the world's largest iPhone factory this week in central China is further scrambling Apple's strained supply and highlighting how the country's stringent zero-Covid poli...

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As anger rises and tragedies mount, China shows no sign of budging on zero-Covid | CNN

Zhou, an auto dealer in northeastern China, last saw his father alive in a video chat on the afternoon of November 1, hours after their home on the far outskirts of Beijing was locked down.

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China's Covid cases hit record as dissent grows over tough restrictions | CNN

China on Thursday reported a record number of daily Covid infections, as a nationwide surge in cases heaps pressure on the country's increasingly unpopular zero-tolerance approach to the virus.

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WATCH: Now-censored videos appear to show China's zero-Covid measures delaying response to deadly fire - CNN Video

At least ten people are dead and nine others injured after a fire at a residential building in China's Xinjiang Region, according to the local fire department's statement. The lockdown measures pot...

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Protests erupt across China in unprecedented challenge to Xi Jinping's zero-Covid policy | CNN

Protests erupted across China on Saturday, including at universities and in Shanghai where hundreds chanted "Step down, Xi Jinping! Step down, Communist Party!" in an unprecedented show of defiance...

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Swedish brothers face trial on Russia spy charges

Two brothers are accused of selling state secrets to Moscow in a case "unlike any other in 20 years".

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Naked volunteers pose for Tunick artwork on Bondi Beach

Spencer Tunick's latest work on Sydney's famous landmark hopes to raise awareness of skin cancer.

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Ukraine war: Putin tells Russian soldiers' mothers he shares their pain

Given the scale of destruction from Russia's invasion, his words are certain to infuriate Ukrainians.

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China Xinjiang: Urumqi rocked by Covid lockdown protests after deadly fire

Urumqi residents confronted officials amid claims Covid restrictions stopped people escaping a blaze.

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